Cancer is the second leading cause of death Globally and along with other NCDs killing 60% of human beings every year. Following the axiom “Prevention is better than cure”, Cancer Aid Society Inc USA,was Incorporatedto address the issue at National and International Level for organising programs in educational institutions by generating awareness on Health, Hygiene, Tobacco abuse including Passive Smoking, Balanced Diet, Regular Exercise & Obesity etc. This shall play an integral part in inculcating healthy lifestyle and keeping children away from Tobacco at an age when they are vulnerable and tempted the most, they further multiply awareness manifold improving the overall health of the community, learn to share and become a good human being, besides mobilising some vital donations for the resource starved fight against Cancer in absence of funding at National and International Level for prevention of Cancer and Non Communicable Diseases. Sponsored Cancer Awareness Programs are organised free of cost and no charges are paid by School or the Students however we accept voluntary donations if any. Children being our future citizens, learn about prevention and disseminate information thereby helping in improving the overall health of the nation.

National Cancer Control Programme prepared by World Health Organization in 1995 which was later revised and the second edition published in 2002. International development started with consolidation of fight against Cancer declared in the form of Charter of Paris on 4th of February 2000 which is celebrated as World Cancer Day. Six years later, the International Union against Cancer prepared first the World Cancer Declaration in 2006 – at the World Cancer Congress 2006, Washington D.C. On World Cancer Day - 4th of February 2007 UICC (International Union against Cancer) launched a five year World Cancer Campaign themed “Today’s Children, tomorrow’s world”. The World Cancer Declaration - 2008 at the World Cancer Congress Geneva described achievable targets by the year 2020 “to slow and ultimately reverse the growth in deaths from Cancer by committing to the targets ...” The issue was discussed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 19th and 20th 2011 in a High Level Meeting for the Control of Non Communicable Diseases. It was on this occasion all the Governments signed a Political Declaration endorsing the measures for the control of Non Communicable Diseases, real action is still lacking. Again on July 9th and 10th 2014 in the Review Meeting called at UN General Assembly to assess the impact and developments post 2011 meeting at New York which were lacking internationally and World Health Organisation was authorised to take the lead. The Global Coordination Mechanism on Non Communicable Diseases was initiated by World Health Organisation in 2015. “Good Health and Well Being” finds mention at point no. 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals, adoptedby the countrieson September 25th 2015, to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

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